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Kerb Appeal

Stand in the street outside your property and try to imagine seeing it for the very first time. Most buyers will see the property from the same vantage point and make an instant decision whether or not to inspect. Mowed lawns, trimmed shrubs and neatly painted fence panels set the right impression to encourage someone to view. Sometimes an injection of colour with an attractive hanging basket close to the front door can also help.





Bird Bath

Developing, Maintenance & Repairs

Walls that need painting, unattractive colours or wallpaper, worn-out floor coverings and dated cabinets, bench tops and appliances are all turn off's to potential buyers. However it isn't always necessary to completely rip out and replace. When updating a kitchen for example if the cabinetry is in reasonable order leave as is or simply paint or re-lacquer. Update by changing the handles to something modern and then replace just the worktop to give it a new lease of life. An investment of a few hundred pounds could mean the difference of thousands. But do be careful that the cost of the improvements does not exceed the amount of additional money generated from the buyer. Your agent can advise as to the impact improvements will have upon both the price and saleability.



de clutter living room


When arranging or grouping accessories and ornaments in the home you need to ensure that there is a common theme that runs through the items, for example, they need to have a similar colour or be of a similar style. It is better to have fewer large/oversized pieces than lots and lots of small pieces grouped together as they can tend to clutter the house. The old adage is true - less is more.




dinner party home staging hints

Home Staging Hints & Tips

Ask any buyer why they bought a particular property and they will probably give you a lot of very practical reasons such as position, style, size and price. But never underestimate the power of emotion. "It just felt right." or "we fell in love with it as soon as we walked in". The right atmosphere and ambience can be just as if not more essential than any of the normal practical reasons to buy a property. Here are some tips that might help to encourage an offer.

Vases of fresh flowers
Classical background music
A cosy open fire in the winter
Take pets out during inspections
Wash and store dishes
Clean work surfaces
Make up beds
Open curtains and blinds
Turn on lights in dark halls or passageways
Put children toys away
Neutralise cooking and pet odours and replace then with the aroma of coffee, freshly baked bread or vanilla. 
Weed and cultivate garden beds and borders
Remove rubbish bins or bags
Repair and paint where necessary
Stage rooms as they are intended to be used



Living Room With Wooden Floor

First Impressions Inside

It is very important to make each room feel as spacious as possible. One of the dominant motivations for people buying and moving is to have more space. So open up the curtains or blinds and let in the natural light. It may be necessary to store some furniture with a friend, self storage company or in the garage. The transition from home owner to home seller can be relatively pain free if approached in the right order. At some point you will have to box up those treasured personal items so why not do it now in advance of selling and take advantage of creating a more desirable home.






White Sofa Minimalist


When preparing your home for sale the best money that can be spent is on cleaning. If your home is well cleaned and has that lovely clean smell it will immediately give the potential buyer the impression that the house is well looked after. This means getting into all of the corners and scrubbing around the taps with an old toothbrush and jiff, dont forget to make

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