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Sean Oliver

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Sean Oliver

With over 17 years in the business arena my experience in the property sector has covered financial planning, buy-to-let investment and property management. In recent years I have exercised my skills as an auctioneer and public speaker which has taken me to various international destinations. Utilising my marketing and presentation abilities I am passionate and extremely proactive in my approach to helping my clients to achieve their property goals, whether buying or selling.

In my personal life I am a keen fitness fan who likes to start his day with a run in the countryside. I have a wanderlust for world travel and list Easter Island and Chilean-Patagonia amongst the most spectacular places I have visited. However, my favorite thing in the world is spending time having fun with my daughter.

If you want your property to reach its maximum potential and sell in a time measured system and realise your dream move, I am the agent that will guide through every step of what will be a smooth process and transition.



Newman's from the get-go were very professional. Sean was very attentive and direct from the start. He said he'd get us the best possible price for our house in the most time efficient manner - he did just that. The personal touch made us feel very reassured, we were really pleased by the turnout for the open-house viewing and the bidding that came after it was exciting. Very happy to recommend Sean and all the team at Newman's.

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