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Richard Hodgson

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Richard Hodgson

I am a proud Guildfordian having lived in the town during the last 25 years.

My passion is to help property owners to appreciate the value of their homes so have used my extensive knowledge of the local housing market to publish the Guildford Property Newsletter to provide them with both current and comparative prices. I also alert investors to properties that will deliver a great return on their investment.

I have been an active networker in local business and property circles and an avid social media user, so have an extensive network to call upon for clients wanting introductions to local property services plus access to potential buyers.

Whatever the situation or challenge faced by homeowners wanting to buy or sell I am driven to provide excellent service to ensure clients experience both speed and certainty, using my understanding and experience gained through investing in my own property.

My reason why is that by helping others to achieve their goals in life, I shall be able to do the same for myself.

I enjoy the town’s history and participate in local social and sporting events. You might also catch me out running with my local club, wearing my yellow Fitstuff shirt, or participating at parkrun, in Stoke Park on a Saturday morning, so if you do, say “hello”.

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