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Patricia Broadhurst

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Patricia Broadhurst

With 10 years of property experience in the industry, I’d like to think of myself as a go-to for any advice or queries in the property industry. I also like to think of myself as an IT fundi which aligns well in our ever-changing and fast growing industry that we work in. Changing and upsetting the market by creating and trying new exciting and innovative ways to better our side of our industry. This making myself a major sales leader and competitor. When it comes down to selling your home, I bring my extensive knowledge and energy with enthusiasm to the market which makes me a major sales agent to be reckoned with. I live in the community I serve as a wife and mom of two, making me a true local expert who can provide a realistic valuation of your property. I am competitive but incredibly honest, trustworthy, and I am someone who cares about your needs. You can talk to me about how you want your home marketed and what you want and I will listen. While taking in your needs I will negotiate the best deal on your behalf and provide you with an after sales support and service you won’t find anywhere else. Giving all my clients 110% of my time and focus with excellent service and communication level, I build relationships on selling dream homes around our home.

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