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Shelly Edward

Partner Agent

    07464 742821


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Shelly Edward

Work with the best!

With The Property Experts business is anything but ‘the norm’.

As Partner Agent to this independent business, we have a Team with effective strategies in marketing and achieving the highest price possible as well as aiming for a fast completion. Our digital marketing has the best tools available and more. This, with a superior service allows our clients to participate in a stress-free experience.

Hi, I’m Shelly.

Being a native of Queensland, Australia I settled in UK in 2012, a lot of people ask me ‘why on earth I made that decision, but I like wrapping up in the cold weather and sitting by an Inglenook in an old pub, I find it somehow comforting, it’s the best… Also, I’m not keen on the big spiders back home.

I have worked in Real Estate for over 34 years experiencing all areas of the industry i.e Sales, Auctions, Land Sales, New Homes, Prestige Homes, Lets and Commercial. A lot of my skills from working in Australia I use here too so I’m somewhat different in my approach and it works well.

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