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Denzel Harmit

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Denzel Harmitt

Born and raised in Solihull, Birmingham holding great knowledge for all clients. Coupled with my Global experience in the Property Industry I can give my clients the best of both worlds. With having a heart for the Property Industry since 2008, my knowledge has grown exceedingly on all accounts leading me to start my own Property Management company in Australia, whilst holding two Real Estate Licenses, Queensland & Victoria and taking my business global within our first year. A global business open doors for me to learn and adapt to the overseas economies, market trends and shifts in the market giving me more tools and abilities to overcome other management companies weaknesses. My journey has automatically built a portfolio holding great contractions for investors and sales on 5 storey hotels in capital cities to brand new glamping resorts throughout 3 continents. With my personal mindset development I will always provide the full information on what a potential client should and need to know. Support and information is the two key factors you will always receive from me resulting in ideas the client will think over, due to their financial circumstances and my contact details at hand.

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